Q2 2021
Implement the $ROPE token on the Solana network
Distribute $ROPE token (through airdrop)
Implement the $ROPE/USDC pool (allow users to buy $ROPE with USDC)
Implement $ROPE staking (allow $ROPE staking with LP tokens)
Q3 2021
Implement the $ROPEV token on the Solana network
Deploy the ROPEV smart contract and implement the ROPEx platform (as explained in the ROPEV whitepaper)
Q4 2021
Implement $ROPE governance (governing LPs, markets for index, pool creation, development proposals)
A next-gen ecosystem.
$ROPE is a full-scale decentralized ecosystem that brings the well known "market volatility index" to the crypto market.
Decentralized done right.
Proudly built on Solana. $ROPE aims to bring the very best of De-Fi to users, using the power and speed of the Solana Protocol. Read more about Solana and the SOL token below.
Value on volatility.
$ROPEV is a DeFi-based volatility token providing a greed/fear index for cryptocurrency markets. This allows users to trade based on market volatility and not market direction. You'll be able to swap your ROPE for ROPEV on ROPEx (available Q3).
Investment without effort.
With yield farming you'll be able to stake in the latest and greatest that the Solana ecosystem has to offer.
So, what's next?
Join our active communities to chat with our engineers and stay up to date on the latest developments from the $ROPE contributors.